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13 Alexa Skills You’ll Love

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Chances are you already love using your Alexa for music, entertainment, and maybe even some fun party tricks. But she’s capable of so much more than that! Check out these amazing skills! You won’t know how you ever lived without them.

1. Manage Your To-Do List

She’ll not only create your to-do list, but she’ll also add to it on command. And you can set reminders for tasks, too! It’s quite handy for being able to add things on the fly as they come into your mind.

The Any.Do app is also another Alexa Skill that will help you manage your to-do list.

2. Find Local Businesses

This is truly great for people who are new to the area or have Alexa on their mobile devices. Just ask her to find the closest grocery store, Staples, etc., and she’ll tell you where it is. Need to call them? Alexa’s got you covered.

Alexa for the Car- Echo Auto is fantastic for helping you find your way. Check here to see if it’s compatible with your vehicle.

3. Check Your Email

Don’t worry; she’s not going to read through every email you receive tediously. That would just be painful! Instead, Alexa will provide you with a summary, and you can use voice commands to delete, reply, and archive as appropriate. And if you’re waiting for a specific email, you can ask Alexa to let you know when it arrives.

Mastermind will do basically ANYTHING on your phone:

  • Send SMS text messages
  • Send email
  • Initiate Phone calls
  • Ring your phone
  • Share your location
  • Search for places to eat and go
  • And SO much more!

4. Come Home to a Well-Lit House

We’ve all done this. You go out during the day and don’t think to leave a light on, but by the time you get home, it’s night, and your house is pitch dark. You can use Alexa to turn on the lights when you arrive home – or turn off your music when you leave. Talk about saving some bucks on your power bill! Check out the ever-growing Alexa Skills catalog.

5. Get the Latest News

Using what Amazon calls a “Flash Briefing,” you can get the headlines of the day with just a simple command. You can even customize the types of information you’d like to get.

6. Stay on Time

As busy as we all are, verbal reminders for tasks, appointments, and other tasks can be incredibly helpful. Don’t worry about being late again – Alexa’s got your back!

7. Smart Home Commands

Sci-Fi fans are familiar with voice commands for everything, from lights and heat to cooking. You can use Alexa combined with other technology to have this futuristic home as your own.

Have an HP printer? Try this!

Pet friendly smart vacuum cleaner with a cat

How about a Roomba vacuum? All connected Roomba robot vacuums are compatible with Alexa-enabled devices

8. Sleep

Many people find it soothing to fall asleep to certain sounds or music. Set up a “Good Night” routine for yourself, and Alexa will help you fall asleep fast.

9. Exercise

Alexa has a vast database of workouts you can do anywhere. Just tell her you want to start one and how long you have.

Try a Five Minute Workout: Core and Cardio or Daily Stretch to keep in shape.

10. Fool Burglars

When you go away on vacation, do you wonder if your home is safe? Even the best timers usually make lights come on and off at one set time. Alexa can simulate conversations that sound like they could be real. Would-be bad guys might think someone is home and skedaddle.

Burglar Deterrent gives the illusion that your house is occupied by using realistic audio to deter a potential intruder.

11. Wake Up Easy

Simple alarms aren’t always enough to get you out of bed? Don’t worry. Alexa will wake you up, turn on the lights, and start your news briefing (or anything else you’d like.) You won’t be able to stay in bed!

12. Quiet Time

Everyone needs some downtime. Just tell Alexa you don’t want to be disturbed, and she’ll be quiet for as long as you want.

13. Call 911

Ask My Buddy skill lets you immediately alert someone in your Personal Alert Network that you need them to check on you.

How many of these Alexa skills do you use regularly? Which ones do you want to add?


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