Resources to Simplify Your Life

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How many activities and responsibilities do you manage in a day? Whether you’re running a business, juggling family priorities, or both, tools and resources help simplify daily life. As daily money management and organization professionals, True Assisting is proud to offer you these resources to simplify your life. Many of them, we use ourselves. And we’ve included some book suggestions too. We love books!


General Organization

From inside your home to your yard and garden, there are countless things that need to be organized. With some of them, timing matters. Check out these cheat sheets to help you figure it all out – you can even make your own cheat sheets for just about anything! They have more than 4000 cheat sheets already built. You can decide what to plant or harvest and when or figure out what the alphabet soup your child just texted you means.

Time Management/Productivity

There are a million and one ways to get distracted. Learn your work habits and how to amp up your productivity. Check out different plan options and sign up for the one that’s best for you.

Consumer Protection

Competition is good for business – and every consumer wants to be treated fairly – that’s where the FTC comes in. All their resources are 100% FREE and help keep your business and your identity safe. Get consumer protection info here if you think you’ve been the victim of a scam.

Don’t leave your accounts vulnerable to hackers. Learn how to protect your passwords, and with them your identity. If you’ve had your identity stolen, here’s what to expect in trying to recover. Also, don’t forget to monitor your credit with periodic free credit reports.


Seniors may not have the same things keeping them busy as they did before they retired, but that doesn’t mean they’re not busy. There are many unique areas of their lives that also need organization.

Digital Estate Planning

Estate planning in today’s world needs to include digital assets as well as real assets. Email accounts, social media, and other accounts need to be properly handled. Learn about digital estate planning. Software such as Everplans and Will-It assist with digital estate planning and discussing these topics with family. For planning that includes additional details such as living wills, DNR documents, or guardianship, check out GYST.

Medicare and Other Health Benefits

With retirement comes access to health benefits not generally available to the younger generations. This is a wonderful perk, but Medicare can also be difficult to navigate. Check out these resources for determining how much you can expect to pay as well as who pays for what and when. If you’re a veteran, there are other benefits you can access as well. Be sure to take advantage of any program you can.


Caring for aging parents involves juggling many details. Between managing your family’s needs and busy schedules, taking care of your work responsibilities, and taking care of your home, it can feel incredibly overwhelming. Make it easier on yourself with a variety of resources.

Caretakers also need to feel they can leave for a few hours without worry. By setting up Alexa’s Ask My Buddy for your loved ones, you can! This easy to use program is voice activated from anywhere in the home and easily contacts you if the person in your care requests it. Think of the medical alert buttons made famous with the line “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” Those were a huge help. Ask My Buddy is the next level as no button pushing is required.