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Spring Cleaning Without the Stress

With any luck, the last of the snow has taken its leave for the year. Soon, it will be time to open the windows and refresh your living space. Spring cleaning is an annual event for most homeowners – one often fraught with stress and feelings of overwhelm. It can seem like a big job. You can do spring cleaning without the stress by following these helpful tips.

Keep a List

As you’re tackling your spring cleaning, you’re likely putting some items in storage and taking other items out for the season. As you pack up things, keep a list of what’s in each storage bin and what you’re out of. This gives you a quick way to find what you need later in the year. Any items that need to be replenished can be purchased prior to it becoming a critical need.

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FREE Printable To-Do List (stripes)

Inventory Supplies

Before you start on any in-depth cleaning, check your cleaning supplies. Do you have plenty of the supplies you use to dust, mop, launder, and scour your home and its contents? Buy what you need beforehand, so you don’t run out partway through your spring cleaning task. Having to run to the store for more will disrupt your rhythm and make it harder to get back in the cleaning groove.

Break it Down

No matter how big or small your home, trying to take on cleaning the entire space at once will likely leave you exhausted and probably mean you won’t do a complete and thorough job. Instead, do one room a day (or a week) until your entire home is refreshed and renewed for spring.

Don’t Be Afraid to Toss Things

If you’re like most homeowners, lots of “stuff” builds up in your living space over time. The longer you live somewhere, the more stuff accumulates. In the winter, it’s easy to let things pile up and hide in closets or junk drawers rather than properly storing or disposing of them. Use your spring cleaning efforts as an opportunity to trash, recycleupcycle, or sell items you no longer need.

One more thing before you implement these tips to make your spring cleaning easier. Breathe! Take a few deep breaths before you begin and allow yourself breaks. Pacing yourself is crucial for your overall health.

If spring cleaning still stresses you out and is something you’d rather avoid, contact me to get help! For more tips like these, subscribe to my mailing list.


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