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Take the Declutter Challenge

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Let’s talk about clutter for a minute. It tends to creep up. You go shopping and stick the receipts in your wallet or handbag. You toss empty coffee cups, takeout bags, gum wrappers, and water bottles in your car. Desks, counters, tables, and other surfaces become a dumping ground for stuff you bring in and will “put away later.” At some point, all this clutter becomes so overwhelming you put a halt on everything else you had planned and spend a full day dealing with all of it. Ugh. Instead, take 10 of 15 minutes every day to declutter particular areas of your life and home. You’ll find your stress level is lower, and you’re more productive.


Each day when you get home, remove any unnecessary receipts, trash, wrappers, etc. that you’ve accumulated throughout the day. Also, take a few minutes to organize your cash and put any spare change in your change jar. This will make it easier to find important items like keys, money, and credit cards the next time you need them. Check out this great bag organizer that I use!


Clothes have a way of piling up without our noticing. Whether it’s because you don’t put clean clothes away after washing and folding them or because they don’t hang back up after being tried on and discarded for the day, it’s easy to wind up with a pile of clothes that takes hours to put away properly. Instead, before you go to bed, take a few minutes to hang up and put away clothes that collected that day. They’ll be ready and waiting for you in the morning, instead of crumpled on the floor.


It’s one thing to take your vehicle to the car wash and get the outside clean. It’s another entirely to keep the interior free of trash and clutter. I know people who even have trash bags in their car, but still wind up with it overflowing onto the floors. When you commute or do a lot of solo driving, it’s easy for floors, especially the passenger’s seat, to wind up full of discarded coffee cups, gum wrappers, tissues, and other debris. When you finally take the time to clean it, it’s likely because you’re expecting to have a passenger, and it takes forever. Instead, each day, when you get home from work, take any trash that’s built up that day and dump it in the garbage or recycle barrels. I recycle store bags as car trash bags and throw all my traveling trash in it and throw it out weekly or more frequently if full or smelly.  Hopefully, you won’t ever spend an hour or more cleaning out your car again.


Mail and other items accumulate quickly on counters, tables, desks, etc. The next thing you know, you’re looking for an important piece of mail or a small item you purchased and can’t find it. The household is thrown into a panic looking for it. In the process, those piles get cleaned up. Instead, every morning, while you’re waiting for your second cup of coffee to perk, take a few minutes to put everything from those piles in their proper place by using a command center. You’ll find your home feels more inviting and those “oh no! Where did I put that?” moments are significantly reduced.

For help organizing any of these areas, contact me. I’m happy to help!


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